Our Handcrafted Coffee

From There. To Here. To You.

Since 1991, roasting awesome coffee in small batches in Columbus, Ohio has been our passion and reason for existence. We are true coffee geeks, obsessed with bringing the best coffee in the world home to you.

Awesome coffee begins with the beans, which come in five grades (the measure of quality for coffee). Crimson Cup uses only the finest:  Highest Class, Specialty Grade coffee beans, representing the most elite coffee beans harvested worldwide.

From There.
Like wine, coffee quality depends on the climate in which it is grown. Rainfall, soil conditions, altitude and other environmental factors impact the flavor and quality of the beans. So, we travel the world’s coffee-growing regions – especially Africa, Central and South America, Indonesia and Hawaii – to find and buy the best-tasting coffee beans.

We’re especially jazzed about sustainable, fairly traded and organic brews. More and more, we visit the small farmers who carefully tend coffee plants in remote, mountainous regions. By buying directly from farmers, we help them retain a larger share of the profits from their labors, improving the quality of life for their families and their communities. And improving the quality of the coffee we can bring home to you.

To Here.
We import 150-pound bags of green coffee to our Worldwide Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Our Master Roaster then carefully roasts the green coffee beans in small batches. Under his guidance, each bean is roasted to perfection so that, when ground and brewed, it will release the subtly nuanced flavors of truly fine coffee. Depending upon its unique flavor characteristics, each coffee will be offered as a single-origin varietal or included in one of our signature blends.

To You.
Our devotion to freshness ensures that you will get delicious coffee every time. Whether you drink Crimson Cup at a coffee house or restaurant or brew it at home, you’re assured of a consistently awesome cup.

In addition to great taste, you can even see the difference between our coffee and many major brands. Our whole-roasted coffee beans are larger, unbroken and more consistent in color, size and shape. (Yes, each of these factors affects the flavor).

And Beyond.
We’re just as passionate about teaching coffee as we are about sourcing, roasting and drinking it. If you’d like to learn more, check out entries on our blog about coffee beans, brewing methods and running your own coffee shop.