Roasting Facility

Coffee Roasted in Small Batches

Roasting is part science and part art. As green coffee beans are heated, they expand, release moisture and change in color, taste, aroma and density as a result of complex chemical reactions. Factors such as country of origin, soil, elevation, micro-climate and processing influence coffee flavor. In fact, there are more than 600 flavor components in specialty-grade coffee.

To fully develop these flavors requires precise control of temperature, humidity, timing and other factors that only direct human supervision – and years of experience – can provide. That’s why our master roaster supervises each roast from start to finish at our roasting facility in Columbus, Ohio.

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We craft our coffee in small batches every day to deliver consistently awesome coffee. Whether you choose one of our signature blends, a single-origin varietal, Organic Fair Trade or any of our extensive selection of seasonal, decaffeinated and flavored coffees, you will know that you are going to get a great cup!