C_Cup PMS 201C

3rd Shift

This classic dark roasted coffee has a medium body and low acidity. Perfect pick-me-up all through the day.

C_Cup PMS 201C

Dark Reign ®

Dark roasted to a smoky, rich flavor, it has a wonderful aroma and a full, heavy L.Y.F.E.-giving body.

Dark Sumatra Mandheling

The most famous of the Indonesian coffees is also among the world’s finest. It has the world’s lowest acidity level along with rich smokey flavor, an extraordinarily full body and distinctly vibrant low key acidity. Also available in a light roast.


Decaf L.Y.F.E

A Central American base complemented with dark roasted Indonesian beans. This popular light roast with a hint of dark is a favorite of those who enjoy breakfast with their Sunday paper.

F2F Dark Blend

Friend2Farmer: Dark Blend

This balanced blend was crafted to offer a sustainable relationships for two of our coffee partners. Enjoy this cup and know that your purchase has directly made a difference in a coffee growing community!


Jungle Love

Dark roasted organics from Central America and Indonesia blended for well-balanced flavor, a full body and a long finish.


New Guinea Plantation A

This New Guinea offering is favored for the moderately rich medium-body, slight tartness and low-key acidity that distinguishes all of the coffees of the Malay Archipelago and Indonesia.