Crimson Cup is your one-stop source for all the products and equipment you need to run a distinctive – and profitable – coffee business:

  • 2016 Roast Magazine Roaster of The Year
  • The finest coffee, hand-roasted Specialty Grade Class 1 beans delivered fresh to you.
  • Gourmet syrups for flavoring coffee drinks.
  • Base powders and recipes for frozen coffee and chocolate drinks.
  • Smoothie syrups in all-natural flavors, with no artificial colors, caffeine or preservatives.
  • Premium loose-leaf teas – both traditional and herbal.
  • Insulated paper cups, napkins and other serving items.
  • Espresso machines, blenders and other coffee-shop equipment.
  • Marketing promotions and point-of-purchase displays.

Backed by Profit-Building Consulting and Free, Comprehensive Training.

Whatever your business model, Crimson Cup can help you increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Coffee ShopWe wrote the book on how to set up and run a coffee shop for maximum profit and enjoyment. We offer everything you’ll find in a coffee franchise – and more – but without the franchise fees and business restrictions.

College or University – Your students want great-tasting, affordable coffee and espresso-based drinks, and Crimson Cup delivers. Plus, we’ll show you how to boost profits while minimizing staffing and training costs.

Restaurant or Food Service Operation – Wow your customers and increase profits with awesome coffee and coffee drinks.

Grocer – Make more money with premium bagged coffee, backed by point-of-purchase displays, sampling and other promotional programs.

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