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The Proven Roadmap to Coffee Shop Success

Do you: Want to learn how to open a coffee shop? Want to take your existing coffee shop to the next level? Need a proven coffee shop business plan? This book is for you!

Written by Greg Ubert, the founder of Roast Magazine 2016 Roaster of the Year Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry covers everything you need to know to run a profitable independent coffee shop. This common sense guide is based on Greg’s experience in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in 28 states set-up successful coffee shops.

Learn proven-effective strategies for running a profitable coffee shop, including how to:

1. Choose the right location (Hint: it’s probably not where you think!)
2. Set up your space for labor-efficient service
3. Get the right products and equipment
4. Beat the coffee giants at their own game
5. Train employees for maximum productivity
6. Create a welcoming culture
7. Present a clean, attractive store

Plus, discover the golden key to successful coffee shop ownership: The Ratio for Ultimate Profitability.

You don’t need to go it alone! Follow this proven road map to success – including a comprehensive coffee shop business plan ready to be customized for your business.


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