Acrylic Insulated Cup

Made of BPA-free durable acrylic, this reusable clear double-wall insulated tumbler is truly an awesome product! Perfect for everyday use and events, indoors and outdoors. It keeps the ice solid for hours… and the outside of the cup stays dry. Each 16 oz tumbler comes with a screw-top lid and a reusable red straw.

Brown Ceramic Mug

Crimson Cup Logo Mug

Enjoy sipping your favorite hot drink in this classic-style ceramic mug featuring our logo. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Holds 12 fl oz and is currently only available in chocolate brown.


Crimson Cup To-Go Mug

Save a paper cup and help the environment. Our most popular cup is spill-proof, drop-resistant and leak-resistant, not to mention reusable and recyclable. A must have for every kid. This 16 oz travel cup features our logo with a cool design and is insulated to help keep your favorite beverage hot or cold. Microwave and dishwasher-safe.


Ekobrew Filter

Reusable filter for Keurig single serve brewers. Just fill, insert and brew!

Freshness – Enjoy a fresher, higher quality roast.

No Filter Holder Changing

There’s no need to pull out the filter holder first. Just fill the Ekobrew chamber with coffee, close the lid and place it in the Keurig holster and brew.

A Greener Alternative – With every use, there’s one less plastic and foil cup to pollute the earth.

Save Over Half On Coffee Costs – With every cup you save 50% or more buying your coffee vs. K-cups!

More Choices – Enjoy more varieties of (Crimson Cup) coffee without waiting for it to be offered in a K-cup.


Stainless Steel Two-Tone Tumbler

Enjoy your favorite Crimson Cup brew in sleek style with this two-tone, red stainless steel tumbler that features our logo and holds 15 fl oz. Easy to hold, slim design fits into most cup holders easily; This tumbler comes with an easy click lid and its double-wall stainless steel feature keeps your coffee or tea hot for a longer time. Great gift for just about anyone.


Tea Infuser

An elegant new way to steep Tea

The sleek and curvy design makes for a great presentation of the tea infusion process, from the unfurling of the leaves to the gradual changes of color as the water is infused. Makes 20 ounces of tea.

Add tea leaves and hot water to the Teaze

When your tea is ready, place the infuser over the cup and the Teaze automatically dispenses filtered tea in your cup.

Medical Grade Eastman Tritan, Stainless Steel filter

BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe


Toddy Brewer

Brew great tasting hot or iced coffee (or tea) that tastes super-smooth and bold, yet easy on the stomach. Toddy’s exclusive cold-water brewing process extracts the natural, delicious flavors of coffee and tea yet leaves behind undesirable bitter acids and oils.