C_Cup PMS 201C

3rd Shift

This classic dark roasted coffee has a medium body and low acidity. Perfect pick-me-up all through the day.

C_Cup PMS 201C

Armando’s Blend

Our #1 blend is a perfect medium roast with beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone.

Created especially to taste great as an espresso, a blended drink and a drip.

Office portion packs stay fresh and are easy to brew (make the perfect pot each time).

40 portion packs per box (each brews a 10-12 cup pot).

C_Cup PMS 201C

Dark Reign ®

Dark roasted to a smoky, rich flavor, it has a wonderful aroma and a full, heavy L.Y.F.E.-giving body.

C_Cup PMS 201C

Decaf Armando’s Blend

Enjoy our most popular decaffeinated blend at the office. Full of delicious flavor just like the high test original Armando’s Blend. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone.


C_Cup PMS 201C

Jungle Love

Dark roasted organics from Central America and Indonesia blended for well-balanced flavor, a full body and a long finish.

C_Cup PMS 201C

Morning Commute

A blend of coffees from Central and South America. Its light roast is great any time of day, offering a medium body and surprisingly clean finish.

Labels Single Serve Bag Front-Celtic Grogg_WS

Single-Serve Celtic Grogg

Our most popular flavored coffee can be enjoyed in all major home brewers. 10 per pack. Our coffee capsules are 100% recyclable and packed in a 100% biodegradable bag. 

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

A yummy holiday tradition blended with real cinnamon sticks. Mmmm!