Colombian Supremo

Colombia’s highest grade coffee has a full, well-balanced flavor that makes it the most popular coffee in the U.S.


Costa Rican Tarrazu

One of the most admired Central American coffees, this full-bodied bean has a robust richness, higher acidity and a smooth, clean finish.

Coffee beans drying in a family compound at a village near Konso, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Jimma Agaro – 95 COFFEE REVIEW

This fully-washed coffee is processed with an eco-pulper, full-immersion soak and raised-bed drying, resulting in a super complex, sweet and juicy cup. TASTING NOTES: Honey, Jasmine, Orange Juice
Ethiopia Thumbnail Image

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Ardi

Ardi is a natural processed coffee under exporter’s care. After being picked by hand it’s dried on a raised bed in the sun for 3 weeks. Notes; Juicy Strawberry, Floral & Sweet.

F2F Dark Blend

Friend2Farmer: Dark Blend

This balanced blend was crafted to offer a sustainable relationships for two of our coffee partners. Enjoy this cup and know that your purchase has directly made a difference in a coffee growing community!

IMG_8813 Worpress

Friend2Farmer: Guatemala Antigua Pacamara

Grown on a small estate in the valley surrounding the city at the foot of a massive volcano, this coffee is arguably one of the finest coffees in Central America. Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Tropical Fruit, Brown Sugar
Hand Pour Coffee Brewing Course Columbus Ohio

Friend2Farmer: Kossa Kebena-93 COFFEE REVIEW

This Friend2Farmer Direct Trade coffee is located in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District, in the highlands of the Kebena forest. Purchasing coffee from this co-op will allow long- term economic sustainability for this farmer and his employees and protection of the endangered Kebena Forest.

Guatemalan Antiqua

This Arabic bean comes from the Finca Medina, which sits within the genuine Antiqua region of Guatemala at approximately 5,000 feet. Certified organic and processed naturally, it brews to a well-rounded cup with hints of citrus and berry. The medium-heavy body has notes of rich chocolate and molasses and finishes cleanly and brightly with a long, winey aftertaste. Medium acidity.


Guatemalan Atitlan

Grown along the volcanic slopes and ridges of Lake Atitlan in South-Central Guatemala, this coffee is very delicate and subtle in its fruity sweetness. Cupping Notes: Floral Aroma, Chocolate, Lime.



Kenya AA

This coffee grows mainly on small estates along the sides of Mt. Kenya. It has a medium-to-full body, delicate acidity, a smooth wine-like flavor, and an almost blueberry aroma.


New Guinea Plantation A

This New Guinea offering is favored for the moderately rich medium-body, slight tartness and low-key acidity that distinguishes all of the coffees of the Malay Archipelago and Indonesia.


Sumatra Mandheling

The most famous of the Indonesian coffees is also among the world’s finest. It has the world’s lowest acidity level along with rich flavor, an extraordinarily full body and distinctly vibrant low key acidity. Also available in a dark roast.