Innovation Lab Courses

The Crimson Cup Innovation Lab is a space for both consumers and coffee professionals to learn about what goes into a great cup of coffee – from origins of the beans to roast level, grind, brewing techniques, drink preparation and more. Located in Columbus, Ohio near downtown Columbus and Bexley, this space features areas for coffee evaluation, roasting, training and gathering.

Check back often as many of our courses will rotate throughout the year to offer you new opportunities to elevate your coffee knowledge and skills.


Handcrafted coffee and hand-brewing systems make great giftsCoffee Brewing 701.
Wednesday, June 14 –  6p – 8p
This class explores the science behind brewing
your morning cup. Several brewing methods will be demonstrated including; Chemex, Hario V60, and French Press. You will also learn proper temperatures to brew, coffee-to-water ratios and  pouring techniques.

CuppersChoiceRoasting 701.
Tuesday, May 9 –  6p-8p
This class is designed for home roasters and craft beverage enthusiasts! Examine green coffee and dive into some of the basics of the coffee roasting process. Participants will roast their own coffee on both a sample roaster and a production roaster. Basic organic chemistry will be discussed to describe the roasting curve. The class will end with a coffee “cupping”.

Crimson Cup Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge examines Sumatran coffeeCoffee 701.
Saturday April 29 –  10am – Noon

This introductory course is all things coffee.
Begin by learning the story of Kaldi and his dancing goats and the start of coffee cultivation and trade. During the course you will taste some of the coffees mentioned during the class.


700 Alum Creek Drive – Columbus, Ohio 43205