Coffee Roasters

  • Q Grader Jorge De Leon Visits Crimson Cup Coffee House, Weiland's Market

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014)
    Jorge De Leon Ovalle prepares hand-poured Guatemalan coffee with a Chemex brewer. We were excited to welcome our Guatemalan friend and Q Grader Jorge De Leon Ovalle to Columbus on Saturday, Feb. 15 for a pair of Clintonville coffee tastings. Jorge prepared samples of two Guatemalan coffees at Crimson Cup […] Read More
  • Crimson Cup Seeks Out New Ethiopian Coffees, Farming Relationships

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Friday, April 22, 2016)
    Ethiopia was the source of two of the three coffees we submitted for cupping as part of our winning Roaster of the Year application. Looking to the future, we want to discover new coffees and build relationships with Ethiopian coffee growers. Coffee Sourcing and Education Manager Brandon Bir began a […] Read More
  • Roast Magazine's 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Tuesday, October 20, 2015)
      We took top honors in Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year competition! Named 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year, Crimson Cup became the first Ohio-based winner in the award’s 12-year history. Roast presents the award annually to North America’s top roaster of at least 100,000 pounds of coffee. The magazine’s editorial […] Read More
  • Celebrating Veterans Day with Charlie Foxtrot Coffee and The Fallen 15

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Tuesday, November 11, 2014)
    Happy Veterans Day! At Crimson Cup, we’re proud to honor those who serve and sacrifice for our country. Earlier this year, we joined forces with Charlie Foxtrot Founders Alvin E. Burzynski and Rick Isbell to launch Charlie Foxtrot Coffee. As disabled veterans themselves, the Charlie Foxtrot co-founders created America’s first […] Read More
  • New Charlie Foxtrot Coffee to Benefit Veterans and their Families

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Friday, June 13, 2014)
    Giving back to U.S. troops and veterans is an ongoing effort for Crimson Cup. That’s why we’re proud to join forces with Charlie Foxtrot Founders Alvin E. Burzynski and Rick Isbell to launch Charlie Foxtrot Coffee. This patriotic new coffee brand honors the service of U.S. military service personnel, veterans […] Read More
  • How Much Does it Cost to Add a Brew Bar to Your Coffee Shop?

    June 20, 2019  
    (Published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016)
    Brew bars have become essential features to attract coffee enthusiasts to your coffee house. A brew bar provides a dedicated space for preparing hand-pour coffees. This allows coffee shops to showcase the quality of their coffee using pour-over brewing methods that bring out the nuanced flavors of each bean. We […] Read More
  • Take Advantage of our Free Coffee Shop Business Consulting

    April 25, 2019  
    (Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2015)
    Thinking of opening a coffee shop? We’re here to help! Through the Power of the Cup, we’ve helped open hundreds of coffee houses, cafes and bakeries over the past 24 years. One of the secrets to their growth is our 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program. It all starts […] Read More