Crimson Cup Coffee House

  • Bringing Back the 90s with Our 30th Anniversary Brew Bar Menu

    May 6, 2021
    To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re bringing back the 90s in a big way! In May, our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses are featuring a limited edition 1991 Blend Coffee and four retro coffee drinks. “Combining our coffee experience with pop culture favorites from our first decade, our new menu is […] Read More
  • Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary with a New 1991 Blend, Coffee Shop Specials and Giveaways

    May 6, 2021  
    (Published: Saturday, May 1, 2021)
    In May 1991, The Fresh Prince was fresh, R.E.M.’s “Shiny, Happy People” ruled the airwaves, the Internet went commercial, and Greg Ubert roasted his first coffee beans. For May 2021, our Founder and President kicked off 30thth anniversary celebrations by introducing a new, limited-edition coffee: 1991 Blend. He also teased […] Read More
  • The Village Brew Coffee House Opens in Piketon, Ohio

    March 1, 2021  
    (Published: Friday, February 19, 2021)
    Whenever Piketon resident Jennifer Chandler travels for work or pleasure, she seeks out a local, independent coffee shop. By opening The Village Brew Coffee House, she hopes to wake up the local community – much like her own senses perk up with the first sip of coffee. I love the […] Read More
  • New Mobile App Enables Contactless Ordering, Digital Rewards

    August 14, 2020  
    (Published: Tuesday, August 4, 2020)
      Our new mobile app offers a simple, contactless way to order and pay for your favorite coffee drink, food and catering at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses! Just download the new Crimson Cup mobile app on any Apple or Android device, choose from the full coffeehouse menu, pay for your […] Read More
  • Q Grader Jorge De Leon Visits Crimson Cup Coffee House, Weiland's Market

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014)
    Jorge De Leon Ovalle prepares hand-poured Guatemalan coffee with a Chemex brewer. We were excited to welcome our Guatemalan friend and Q Grader Jorge De Leon Ovalle to Columbus on Saturday, Feb. 15 for a pair of Clintonville coffee tastings. Jorge prepared samples of two Guatemalan coffees at Crimson Cup […] Read More
  • Brew Up Some Love this Valentine's Day

    July 29, 2020  
    (Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013)
    There’s no more romantic present than something shared – unless, perhaps, it’s a cup of wonderful coffee brought to you in bed. Recent research showing that coffee drinkers live longer makes this popular beverage an even more loving gift. Want to learn how to prepare the perfect cup for your […] Read More
  • The Perfect Pour-over with the Hario V60

    March 23, 2020  
    (Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2020)
    The Hario Dripper V60 is one of the most popular pour-over coffee brewing methods. It’s become a favorite of Brew Bar customers at our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses for its elegant presentation and the way it showcases the taste of the coffee. Why We Like the Hario v60 This beautiful […] Read More