“10 Cents of Change” Fundraising Drive to Provide Clean Water for Coffee-Growing Families in Siguatepeque, Honduras

June 4, 2018 (Published: May 31, 2018)
Honduran child with water bucket

Crimson Cup 10 Cents of Change campaignIn June, we’re raising money to bring clean water to families in the remote coffee-growing region of Siguatepeque, Honduras. From June 1 through 30, customers at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Columbus and Tallmadge, Ohio can donate 10 cents toward providing water filters, buckets and training to families who lack access to clean water.

Honduran child with water pan“Since we began working with small-plot coffee farmers in Siguatepeque in 2011, we have seen that access to clean drinking water is a serious health issue – especially among families with children,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Most houses lack running water, so families often get their water from polluted rivers and streams that may be infested with microorganisms and parasitic worms.”

Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge noted that women and children often must carry heavy water buckets for several kilometers from their homes. “We are raising money to purchase water filters and buckets that families can use to purify rainwater,” he said. “This will produce safe drinking water without the backbreaking labor.”

It costs about $25 to purchase and transport a filter bucket to Honduras. Crimson Cup’s partner in Honduras distributes the filter buckets and teaches the families how to use them properly.

“We cover all related administrative costs, so 100 percent of contributions go directly to the purchase and distribution of filters and buckets,” Dave said.

From June 1 through 30, customers can contribute to the “10 Cents of Change” fundraiser at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Tallmadge, Ohio.


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