Our Passion for Roasting Coffee Since 1991

August 12, 2013 (Published: August 12, 2013)

August is National Coffee Month! And at Crimson Cup, we’re celebrating the hard work that goes into every cup. Protecting the integrity of each bean from seed to cup is our highest calling.
It all starts with coffee farmers. We honor the hard work of the farmers who plant, grow, harvest and process our coffees. We travel the globe to establish direct relationships with the farmers and help them improve the quality and sustainability of the coffee they grow. As a result, we have the privilege of importing great-tasting coffee. And we’re thrilled to help improve the quality of life in coffee-growing communities.
After the green coffee beans reach our roastery in Columbus, Ohio, they are hand-roasted in small batches to enhance their origin flavors. Every morning, we cup roasted beans to ensure quality is at its peak.
Even perfectly roasted coffee beans must be properly prepared to yield the subtly nuanced flavors of great coffee. At Crimson Cup, we train staff and future baristas to pull perfect shots of espresso and prepare great-tasting coffee drinks at our training lab.
We prepared this video to honor the farmers, cuppers, roasters and baristas whose hard work goes into great coffee. Happy National Coffee Month to all!



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