Crimson Cup and Heidelberg Distributing Expand Distribution of Nitro Cold Brew in Columbus Bars and Restaurants  

April 13, 2017 (Published: April 4, 2017)
Crimson Cup Nitro Cold Brew


Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaOne of the hottest trends in coffee today is ice cold, infused with nitrogen gas under pressure, and dispensed from a tap. And, thanks to our joint effort with Heidelberg Distributing Company, Nitro cold-brewed coffee is joining the taps of some of the city’s hottest bars and restaurants.

“Demand has skyrocketed since we introduced Nitro cold brew to Columbus in 2014,” said Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. “This effervescent iced coffee has the texture and mouth feel of a fine milk stout – making it a perfect non-alcoholic addition to bar taps.”

The partnership with Heidelberg Distributing Company was a natural fit. “Nitro coffee is up and coming. It’s a growing area that ties in with our craft beer sales,” said Dan Diem, Heidelberg’s general sales manager for beer. “Crimson Cup is a leader in central Ohio, and we felt a partnership with Nitro would be mutually beneficial for both companies.

Since Crimson Cup began working with Heidelberg Distributing last October, Nitro has infiltrated the tap systems of Average Joe’s Pub, Bodega, The Brass Tap, Condado Tacos, Condado Tacos II, Hadley’s Bar and Kitchen, The Hills Market Downtown, Julep Columbus, Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center, Red Brick Tap & Grill and World of Beer. It’s also on tap at our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the Columbus Convention Center.

“We are looking at exponential growth with this product,” Dan Diem added. ”Currently we are selling to a dozen or so accounts, and we anticipate that number increasing dramatically.”

Because Crimson Cup’s Nitro cold brew starts with a concentrated, hand-brewed base of fine craft coffee, it packs a harder caffeine punch than a standard cup of Joe or espresso-based beverage, Greg noted. “The nitrogen bubbles create a visually intriguing drink with a rich, creamy texture and natural sweetness without the need to add milk and sugar,” he said. “It makes the perfect morning pick-me-up or cap to a night on the town.”


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