Crimson Cup Cold Brew Featured on Good Day Columbus

April 21, 2023 (Published: April 13, 2015)

Brandon Bir talks Crimson Cup cold brew coffee on Good Day ColumbusThe weather is warming up! So that means it is time to cool down with cold brew coffee. Good Day Columbus asked Coffee Specialist Brandon Bir to explain this coffee trend, which involves brewing coffee with cold or room-temperature water for eight hours or more.

As Brandon explained, this creates a coffee concentrate with less acidity and more caffeine than hot-brewed coffee. He discussed  methods of creating cold brew coffee, including the Toddy cold brewer.

Host Dana Turtle said he was “nerding out” over our Kyoto slow drip tower, which Brandon demonstrated on set.

Host Shawn Ireland observed that cold brew is a sweeter, stronger coffee without the “bite” of espresso and other hot-brewed coffee.

Brandon also allowed the hosts to sample some of the cold brews available at any Crimson Cup Coffee House, including our New Orleans cold brew, which is enhanced with chicory root and milk sugar. Refillable, 32-ounce glass cold-brew growlers are available for $11.95 at the Coffee House, 4541 N. High Street in Clintonville. Refills cost $9.95.

Thanks to Shawn, Dana, and the entire Good Day Columbus team for extending a warm welcome to Brandon. Check out the video to see Brandon and the team in action.


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