Crimson Cup Helps Iconic Columbus Beauty Brand Caffeinate New Concept Salon and Spa

August 29, 2018 (Published: August 24, 2018)
Photo of The Social Room at PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin

The Social Room at PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin

In the 50 years since the opening of the first Charles Penzone salon, the name Penzone has been synonymous with beauty in Columbus, Ohio. In May, the brand launched a new concept, PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin, with a new mantra: beauty from the outside in.

“Traditional salons focus solely on the outward appearance, focusing on hair and nails,” said Debbie Penzone, president and CEO of Charles Penzone, Inc. and wife of the founder. “But we know that feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually is the foundation of beauty from the outside in.”

The centerpiece of the 14,000-square-foot salon at 6645 Village Parkway is a Social Room that caters to inner comfort with a café offering up breakfast, lunch, organic juices, a variety of alcoholic drinks and coffee and tea service from Crimson Cup.

“During development of the new concept, our team noticed that many guests entered the salon with a coffee cup in hand,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Serving café-quality coffee drinks at the salon enables guests to cut a stop out of their day, giving them a shot of relaxation with their caffeine boost.”

To create the coffee menu, Crimson Cup worked with team PENZONE to learn about guest preferences, the planned ambiance and other menu items.

“The Penzones wanted to offer a premium craft coffee experience, so we helped them develop a menu that included espresso, hot lattes, iced cold brew coffee and iced lattes,” said Bob Fahringer, business development manager for Crimson Cup. “Guests receive complimentary batch-brewed coffee, or they can purchase an espresso-based drink.”

Crimson Cup provided barista training covering everything from drink preparation to customer service to three full-time social hosts. Training took place onsite and at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab.

The coffee service has been a hit with customers and PENZONE stylists alike. “Hot beverages are most popular in the morning hours, and they see a surge in cold-drink orders during sizzling summer afternoons.”

He said guests really love the signature Penzone Mocha, with its rich blend of white chocolate and caramel flavors. “The social hosts are creative with the caramel swirl on top, using the CP logo or hearts as a finishing touch.”

Greg said he is seeing an increase in business like PENZONE that want to upgrade the coffee service they offer to guests and employees. “Coffee brings people together,” he noted. “A really great cup of Joe or espresso drink sets the tone for a successful work day, meeting or meal.”


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