Cultivating Sustainable Coffee Partnerships Through Friend2Farmer®

December 21, 2023 (Published: November 1, 2013)


Although they grow the world’s #1 cash crop, many coffee farmers barely make enough to survive. And despite existing Fair Trade and Direct Trade programs, many coffee-growing communities remain mired in poverty.

Our new Friend2Farmer® program is changing that, one farm at a time. It’s about empowering coffee farmers and farming communities to produce an awesome crop to sustain themselves.

Here are some of the principles we set for sourcing Friend2Farmer® coffees:

  • The purchase of the coffee must support the coffee growing community;
  • The relationship with the farmer must be a mutual, long-term commitment to better the production of coffee and the community;
  • There must be complete transparency with purchases of coffee; and
  • There must be ongoing proof that funds from purchasing coffee are helping to transform the community.

Friend2Farmer® coffees can be purchased on our website and our Crimson Cup Coffee House. You can also find them at select independent coffee houses, restaurants, grocers, colleges and universities and food service operations that sell Crimson Cup beverages.


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