Earth Fare Grocery Stories Now Carry Crimson Cup Organic Coffee Beans

December 23, 2022 (Published: June 17, 2015)
Earth Fare grocery stores serve organic coffee beans from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Earth Fare grocery stores offer organic coffees from Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaWe’re excited to welcome Earth Fare natural and organic grocery stores to the Crimson Cup community! Ohio coffee lovers can now buy our handcrafted coffees through four Earth Fare organic and natural grocery stores in the Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton metropolitan areas.

“Earth Fare is proud to carry local and artisanal products on our shelves for our customers on a daily basis,” said Marketing Manager Amanda Arnet. “We are excited to expand a great Columbus-born brand like Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea coffees into our Cleveland, Akron and Dayton-area stores!”

Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Fare is the authentic specialty organic and natural healthy grocery store with 36 stores across the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Their full-service philosophy incorporates the highest food Quality Standards in the industry, with compelling value, friendly and knowledgeable service, and superior shopping experience.

Earth Fare’s mission is to help you put the best possible food in your body, and we’re supplying organic coffees that align with this mission. Initial organic selections include Organic Jungle Love and Organic Flowing Amazon.

Organic Jungle Love is a dark roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate and black currants. It displays a heavy, syrupy body and long smoky finish.

Organic Flowing Amazon is a lightly roasted coffee that produces a smooth blended cup with a sweet aftertaste.

In addition to bags of coffee beans, we will also have a rotating selection of coffee available in bulk bins, beginning with our Nicaraguan Matagalpa Fair Trade Organic Estate coffee. This lightly roasted coffee has a medium body with nice citrus acidity and features semisweet chocolate flavors with notes of vanilla and caramel.

We supply grocers with more than 50 varieties of handcrafted specialty coffee, including organic, Fair Trade and directly-sourced offerings from small farms in the world’s finest coffee-growing regions.  In addition to weekly delivery, specialty grocers receive distinctive displays and marketing materials for attractive and effective in-store merchandising. We also support grocers with promotional strategies tailored to the interests of their consumers and their communities.



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