Ethiopia Burka Gudina and Zambia Mafinga Join Craft Coffee Line

December 24, 2022 (Published: September 29, 2017)

We’re excited to add Ethiopia Burka Gudina and Zambia Mafinga to our premium line of craft coffees!

“These Ethiopian and Zambian coffees are among the best current-crop coffees we’ve tasted,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert.

Crimson Cup Ethiopia Burka Gudina coffeeEthiopian Burka Gudina grows on the Burka Gudina Estate in the Limmu District of Ethiopia’s Jimma Zone. Owned by third-generation grower Ibrahim Hussein, the 150-hectare estate produces heirloom varietal beans growing at altitudes of about 6,069 to 6,561 feet. It employs 120 people during the peak season.

“To bring out the optimal flavor of the beans, we recommend hand-pouring coarsely ground Burka Gudina beans using a Hario v60 or Clever brewing system,” said Coffee Sourcing and Education Director Brandon Bir, who discovered the coffee during a trip to Ethiopia. “With its American roast, this naturally processed coffee delivers tasting notes of strawberry, blackberry and apple.”

Certified by the Rainforest Alliance,  Zambia Mafinga coffee grows on two separate estates at altitudes of 4,390 to 4,590 feet in the Mafinga Hills sub region of Zambia’s Northern Province. The two estates, Kateshi and Isanya, both grow the Catimor 129 varietal, which is processed at a mill operated by Kateshi to create this blend. Crimson Cup roasts the beans to an American roast level to bring out flavor notes of tangerine, crème brûlée and lemon peel.

Ethiopia Burka Gudina and Zambia Mafinga can be purchased on the our website and at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in the Upper Arlington and Clintonville suburbs of Columbus.

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