Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso

December 13, 2013 (Published: December 11, 2013)

Sidamo Kellenso

Sidamo province of southern Ethiopia, where the species coffea originated, comes this beautifully balanced coffee. Coffee from Ethiopia comes in many forms. This is known as dry, natural, or unwashed coffee. This coffee differs from other dry-process Ethiopia coffees, which are often picked at the end of the crop, bagged prematurely before being properly and fully dried. Often those coffees are dried on the ground rather than on raised beds, which provide cleaner, better aerated drying. This coffee is truly a testament to the progress in processing as well as cultivation. The lemony acidity, wild strawberry, plum, dark cherry, and sweetness are very pronounced in the cup. This coffee is also exceptionally smooth with a light buttery finish.

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