Fizzy All-Natural Circle City Kombucha on Tap at Crimson Cup Brew Bar

March 16, 2019 (Published: March 16, 2019)
Photo of Circle City Kombucha on tap at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses

Circle City Kombucha at Crimson Cup Coffee HousesYou’re invited to try Circle City Kombucha, the latest drink innovation on tap at our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Columbus and Tallmadge, Ohio. This fermented tea drink contains naturally-occurring probiotics that support digestive health.

“We’re excited to add this fizzy all-natural beverage to our cold drink brew bar,” said Regional Coffee House Manager Kim Popson. “We wanted to provide a delicious, healthy option for our customers who may want something other than coffee. Not only is it the best kombucha we have ever tasted, but it also is produced by a small company that shares Crimson Cup’s values of bringing communities together.”

Circle City Kombucha’s mission is to grow a Feel Good community, one pour at a time. This Indiana-based small business is known for approachable kombucha with little or no added sugar.

“Also known as Feel Good Soda, Circle City Kombucha isn’t your standard health drink,” Kim said. “Crafted with an organic tea blend and organic cane sugar, the clean and simple ingredients deliver a healthy drinking experience.”

Peach Blossom is the initial Circle City flavor on tap at the Crimson Cup Brew Bar.  “Circle City’s proprietary tea blend combined with essence of peach delivers a very crisp and wonderfully refreshing drink!” Kim said.

Kombucha at Crimson Cup costs $5.00 for a 12-ounce pour. A new 32-ounce growler costs $15 and can be refilled for $11.

Enjoy these feel-good drinks on tap at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Columbus and Tallmadge, Ohio!

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