Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

December 26, 2022 (Published: December 21, 2011)

Wondering what to get the java-junkie in your life? Adam Verwymeren of Fox News offered some inspired choices in his list of Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

We were pleased to see the Toddy Brewer on Adam’s list. We began offering this cold brew system at Crimson Cup because it produces a smoother, less acidic coffee that’s easier on the stomach yet bold in flavor.

Ekobrew replaceable filter for Keurig single-serve coffee brewer

Looking for more ideas?

A Keurig machine with an Ekobrew reusable filter is a great gift for the coffee connoisseur on the go.

Finally, don’t forget the specialty gourmet coffee! For a true coffee lover, it’s all about the beans.

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