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Here’s to Independence: Why We Believe in Independent Coffee Shops

Published: November 1, 2012
Updated: November 16, 2018

We’re often asked why Crimson Cup doesn’t license a string of coffee franchises. After all, we offer everything a franchise does – and more – but without charging franchise fees or royalties. We’d be more profitable, some say, as a franchise.

Independent Alternative to Coffee Shop FranchiseThe answer is simple: we love helping independent spirits prosper. We revel as our customers create coffee houses that bear the stamp of their personalities and reflect the needs and values of their communities. We share the owners’ pride as they craft thriving businesses. Their way.

Perhaps it’s because we got our start back when nearly all coffee houses were independent. When the centuries-old tradition of the European coffee house, or café, was still struggling to make headway into the heartland of America. Before the corporate green giant of specialty coffee spread to nearly every city corner.

We believe coffee is community. Because local entrepreneurs beat with the pulse of their local communities, they create unique gathering places revolving around the art of serving truly great espresso-based beverages.

We believe independents serve their communities better than coffee franchises and chains. So we teach those interested in specialty coffee how to implement our Seven Steps to Success, which cover everything a business owner needs to know to run a thriving coffee shop business. This program includes comprehensive, free training, in addition to advice on choosing a coffee shop location, hiring staff, building a menu, marketing and much more.

We guide new and existing businesses through the battlefield of expensive pitfalls and costly mistakes so they can achieve an enjoyable, prosperous career in specialty coffee.

We don’t charge franchise fees or royalties. In fact, most consulting services are free when a coffee shop buys our artisan-roasted coffee and supplies. They benefit from serving great-tasting beverages that have won numerous taste tests. We have a vested interest in each coffee shop’s success because, quite simply, we only succeed when they succeed.

Our true joy at Crimson Cup comes from seeing independent business owners having fun while making sure their long, hard hours translate into profits. So here’s to the Independents!

Want to learn more about how our coffee shop franchise alternative helps independent coffee shops grow and prosper? Watch the video above, call 888-800-9224 or ask questions via this form, and we’ll get right back to you.

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One Response to Here’s to Independence: Why We Believe in Independent Coffee Shops

  • Debbie Meyers says:

    We are considering becoming coffee shop owners. I know in my heart we can do this, we’ve been enjoying our own home roasted coffee since summer of 2005 and regularly get good feedback on the quality of our coffee from friends and family. I guess for now our first step will be to buy your book and see how we want to move forward in this venture. Thank you.

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