Introducing Our Fall Coffee and Tea Cocktails

November 10, 2016 (Published: October 25, 2016)
Crimson Cup Pumpkin Coffee Cocktail

Harvest Apple Green Tea from Crimson Cup Coffee and TeaWith the advent of chilly weather, coffee drinkers are warming up to the comforting flavors of autumn. Fall offerings at our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses include Maple Cinnamon Latte, Pumpkin Coffee Cocktail and Harvest Apple Green Tea Soda.

“With so much excitement around fall flavors, we wanted to offer some new ways to enjoy them in coffee and tea,” said Amber Raffeld, regional coffee house manager. “The drinks were all developed at our new Innovation Lab.”

Pumpkin LatteCrimson Cup’s Maple Cinnamon Latte combines local Ohio maple syrup and fresh cinnamon with the company’s award-winning Wayfarer Blend espresso. Most recently, Wayfarer took home a silver medal at the Compak Golden Bean coffee roasting competition.

“We use syrup from the Ohio sugar maples that are currently lighting up the landscape with colors of gold, orange and red,” said Brandon Bir, coffee sourcing and education manager. “This natural sweetener melds beautifully with the rich, syrupy Wayfarer Blend and its smooth tasting notes of tree nuts, chocolate and exotic fruit accents. Topped with fresh-ground cinnamon, Maple Cinnamon Latte is perfect for sipping on cool, crisp fall days.”

Pumpkin coffee cocktailCrimson Cup’s Pumpkin Coffee Cocktail starts with our signature Cocoa Nib Nitro cold brewed coffee. This effervescent cold brew is infused with nitrogen under pressure and served from a keg tap – giving it the texture and mouth feel of a fine milk stout. Shaken with sweet cream, organic pumpkin purée and freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon, it creates an earthy cocktail bursting with the flavors of fall but not too sweet.

For tea lovers, we brewed up the Harvest Apple Green Tea Soda. A sparkling, effervescent drink reminiscent of champagne, the drink combines premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls green tea, ginger and cinnamon with apple juice. The chilled combination is then carbonated to bubbly effervescence.

“This really reminds me of champagne – though it’s nonalcoholic like all our drinks,” Amber said. “Scents of warm apple and jasmine hit the nose before you even take a sip. As it hits your tongue, floral notes, ginger and crisp apple bounce across the taste buds.”

Crimson Cup’s autumn signature drinks will be available through the end of the season at both Crimson Cup Coffee Houses – 4541 North High Street in Clintonville and 2468 Northwest Blvd. in Upper Arlington.

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