Introducing: Wayfarer Blend

December 13, 2013 (Published: December 12, 2013)

Wafarer WebMeet the Wayfarer Blend.

Why Wayfarer? It literally means traveler. We were cupping some current crop coffee samples in our lab when the idea to create this new blend arose. Offering a blend that uses a rotating variety of current crop coffees is perfect to keep our coffee variety fresh and unique.  As we continue to spend time in the lab, we will always be able to find coffees that fit into the idea of this versatile blend.

This coffee was blended to focus on all brewing methods including espresso, drip, and single cup.  This blend should always have some fruit and caramel notes with a medium acidity and medium body.  As an espresso, Wayfarer Blend should look like maple syrup coming out of the machine and should have notes of tree nuts and stone fruit.  Brewed in any fashion, this blend will not disappoint, enjoy!

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