New Branding Co-op Partnership between Sheri’s Coffee House and Gardner’s Supervalu Grocery in Norwalk, Ohio

October 16, 2022 (Published: September 24, 2014)
Display of Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea in Gardner's Supevalu

Crimson Cup display at Gardner's Supervalu in Norwalk OhioWe’re excited to expand our specialty grocer distribution through a unique partnership between Sheri’s Coffee House and Gardner’s Supervalu grocery store in Norwalk, Ohio.

This branding co-op came about through Sheri Thomas, owner of Sheri’s Coffee House. The independent coffee house has served Crimson Cup beverages since opening in 2004.

To support the partnership, we installed a display in Gardner’s Supervalu that showcases our wide range of sustainably sourced coffees. Customers can choose from bulk, whole-bean coffee, bags of ground coffee and recyclable single-serve capsules.

Sheri's Coffee House in Norwalk, Ohio serves Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea
Sheri’s Coffee House

As a result, Coffee lovers in Norwalk now have two options for enjoying our hand-roasted coffee. They can order handcrafted beverages from Sheri’s Coffee House at 27 Whittlesey Ave. or go down the street to buy fresh-roasted beans from Gardner’s Supervalu grocery store at 117 Whittlesey Ave.

This new relationship allows the owners and managers to share ideas and create cross-promotional events and programs. For example, they plan to introduce a coupon program offering customers a discount at Sheri’s when they purchase a bag of coffee at Gardner’s.

Since installation of the display, Gardner’s has seen an increase in bulk and packaged coffee sales. The independent specialty grocer also has raised awareness in the community that it supports other local businesses.

Congratulations to Sheri Thomas and everyone at Sheri’s Coffee House and Gardner’s Supervalu on creating this unique branding co-op. We believe the partnership will generate awareness about our coffee and the two local businesses – creating a winning proposition for all involved.


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