Our Ethiopian Kossa Kebena Wins 93 Rating from The Coffee Review

December 21, 2023 (Published: October 11, 2016)
Coffee Review 93 Points 2016

Crimson Cup Ethiopian Kossa Kebena wins 93 Point Coffee ReviewOur Ethiopian Kossa Kebena coffee recently earned an outstanding 93/100 rating from Kenneth Davids and the Coffee Review, the world’s leading coffee guide. Reviewers described our latest Ethiopian offering as, “A fruit-driven, harmoniously balanced Ethiopia natural.”

The Coffee Review’s blind assessment was, “Deeply sweet, enticingly rich. Peach, lime zest, almond, violet, roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup. Sweet, juicy acidity; plush, velvety mouthfeel. The nuanced, resonant finish consolidates around peach and roasted cocoa nib.” The complete September 2016 review is available on the Coffee Review website.

This organic addition to our Friend2Farmer line of direct-trade coffees is produced by the Kabina Kossa farm in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District. A member of the Kossa Geshe co-op, the farm occupies part of the dense Kebena Forest.

“Heirloom varietals grown at an altitude of 1,900 to 2,100 meters are naturally processed on raised beds to produce this outstanding coffee,” said Brandon Bir, our coffee sourcing and education manager. He visited the farm earlier this year.

Crimson Cup developed our Friend2Farmer direct trade program to ensure that farmers receive a fair share of proceeds from coffee sales. We pay a premium to farmers, who can then invest in agricultural and community improvements. Our coffee experts also collaborate with farmers on ways to improve the quality of the coffee and quality of live for farmers, workers and their communities.

“Personal relationships form the foundation of our Friend2Farmer program,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “By traveling to meet with coffee farmers, we develop a better understanding of growing conditions and community needs.” Sales of Ethiopian Kossa Kebena support long-term economic sustainability for the farmer and his employees and help protect the endangered Kebena Forest.

Ethiopian Kossa Kebena is available for a limited time at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in both Clintonville and Upper Arlington. Bags of fresh-roasted coffee can be purchased from the Crimson Cup website.

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