Our Search for New Coffees

February 15, 2023 (Published: December 30, 2013)
New Coffees from Crimson Cup

New Coffees from Crimson CupOur new coffees join our lineup after an exhaustive search that includes many months of cupping by Coffee Buyers Brandon Bir and Dave Eldridge.

It all begins with a trip to origin or a request to our importers. We search online databases of coffee importers for the companies that believe in sustainable practices. If we are to buy someone’s coffee, we want to make sure it is a responsible purchase that will positively affect the farmer.

After we find our sources, we ask for samples of coffee that sound amazing. We then analyze the green beans when the samples arrive. If they pass the visual test, we will roast some of the sample for cupping.

We cup every morning with the intention of finding a great coffee. With hundreds of samples passing through our cupping lab, our expectations are rarely met. But, every once in a while, we stumble upon a coffee that we HAVE to purchase.

Once the coffee sample is approved, we go back to the roasting area, working with Master Roaster Dave Rochus to try different roast profiles to obtain the best flavor profiles.

After we have agreed upon a roast level, we go back to the cupping lab to adjust our brewing style. Our goal is to get the optimal flavor that best represents the farmer’s hard work. We run the coffee through several brewing methods including the Hario V60, a Chemex, our Nuova Simonelli espresso machine to finally determine if this coffee is good enough to add to our lineup of excellent coffees.

All of this for a cup of coffee? Absolutely!

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