Pour-Over Perks Up Your Profit Margins

February 15, 2023 (Published: June 3, 2014)

For his popular “Start Up Strategies” column in CoffeeTalk magazine, Greg recently gave pointers for adding pour-over service to a new or existing coffee house.

Bob Cervas - Coffee House Ambassador“Over the past decade, pour-over methods have become increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts,” he wrote. “Also known as ‘hand pour coffee,’ this brewing craze migrated to the U.S. and has inspired the ‘third wave’ trend in coffee houses.

“Why all the fuss? Hand-pour methods give greater control over the brewing process and better extraction of the coffee flavor. Slowly infusing ground coffee with a stream of hot water produces a more balanced cup that highlights the origin characteristics of each bean.”

He goes on to address advantages of adding hand-pour service as well as the equipment needed to get started without a big investment. To learn more, read the full article in Coffeetalk, or check out our tutorials on hand-pour methods using Hario v60 and Chemex equipment.




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