Sourcing, Roasting and Serving Awesome Coffee in Columbus since 1991

December 19, 2023 (Published: December 14, 2017)
Crimson Cup is 2016 Roaster of the Year

Summer cold brew coffee from Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea

Looking for amazing coffee in Columbus, Ohio? You’ve come to the right place! Our coffee buyers travel more than 25,000 miles each year to bring incredible coffee to your cup.

We’ve brought awesome coffee to Columbus since 1991, when Founder and President Greg Ubert set up shop in a one-room office with a tiny, gas-fired coffee roaster. The recent Harvard University graduate had fallen in love with specialty coffee, and he made bringing awesome coffee to his hometown his mission.

Since then, Greg’s quest for quality has made Crimson Cup one of the country’s top coffee roasters. In 2016, we became the only Ohio roaster to win Roast magazine’s Macro Roaster of the Year award.

In 2017, we became the first Ohio roaster to take home a prestigious Good Food Award. Our coffee also has racked up honors in the America’s Best Espresso, Golden Bean North America and other competitions.

Crimson Cup Ethiopia Burka Gudina coffeeGreat coffee depends on great relationships. Each year, our coffee buying team travels to meet coffee farmers in remote mountain jungles in countries including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea and Peru.

Our buyers not only inspect and taste the coffee we buy at origin – we work with farmers to help them grow better coffee and improve their communities through our Friend2Farmer direct trade program.

The quality quest continues at our Innovation Lab. After green coffee arrives in Columbus, our Innovation Team roasts and cups the coffee to the perfect roast level to bring out its origin flavors. Depending on the coffee, you might detect notes of deep chocolate, fragrant vanilla or bright florals like jasmine and rose. From sweet and sugary to earthy, citrusy, savory, spicy and more, you’re sure to find a distinctive favorite to call your own.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaWe then determine the best way to serve each coffee. The smooth taste of some coffee inspires cold and pour-over brewing methods. We infuse some cold brews with nitrogen bubbles to create our effervescent Nitro cold brews. And some Nitro coffees become the base for delicious coffee mocktails.

To taste the best of Crimson Cup, visit the brew bar at our Columbus coffee houses in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and the Columbus Convention Center. If you’re in northeast Ohio, check out our newest coffee house in the Akron suburb of Tallmadge, Ohio. There, you can sample a rotating selection of our best single-origin and direct trade offerings. Our trained baristas will help you find the perfect cup for your palate. Enjoy!

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