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Take Advantage of our Free Coffee Shop Business Consulting

October 14, 2021
free coffee shop business consulting

Thinking of opening a coffee shop? We’re here to help!

Through the Power of the Cup, we’ve helped open hundreds of independent coffee houses, cafes and bakeries across the country. 

One of the secrets to their growth? Our 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

It all begins with the 7 Steps to Success book written by company Founder and President Greg Ubert. Reading this book has put hundreds of coffee house owners on the path to success.

And, to make sure you get off to the right start, we offer free business consulting with every book purchase.

During this free consultation, you can pick the brains of an experienced coffee shop startup consultant. Ask anything you like, and get answers based on our real-world experience  (we helped open 10 new coffee shops in the first half of 2021 alone).

Some of the questions we can answer include:

We offer this free, no-obligation consultation because we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams.

To get started, get your copy of 7 Steps to Success: a Common-Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee today.

Or, contact 7 Steps Sales Leader Scott Fullerton, We’d love to talk about your plans and show you how to achieve your dream of opening a coffee shop.

Originally Published: February 18, 2015
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3 Responses to Take Advantage of our Free Coffee Shop Business Consulting

  • Molly says:

    Hello – I am currently considering opening up my own coffee shop. I recently read your 7 steps to success. I am not in a hurry and just starting to do my research. I live in a very small town called Findley lake in NY. Heavy with tourist through the summer months.
    Can you provide me with details on how I can partner with your company to get started

  • Patricia Jackson says:

    My family loves coffee and we are exploring a coffee van/truck. We would like to discuss our vision in how to launch our coffee destination

  • Rana says:

    My immigrant mother is looking to start a small cafe. She is unsure on how to move forward with the legal business licensing etc. Could you help us with this?

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