Take Advantage of our Free Coffee Shop Business Consulting

September 14, 2023 (Published: February 18, 2015)
Free coffee shop business consulting from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Free coffee shop business consulting Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaWant to learn how to open a coffee shop? We’re here to help! Through the Power of the Cup, we’ve helped open hundreds of coffee houses, cafes and bakeries over the past 24 years.

One of the secrets to their growth is our 7 Steps to Coffee Startup Success coffee franchise alternative program. It all starts with the 7 Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry book, a common-sense guide to opening a coffee shop written by company Founder and President Greg Ubert.

Reading this book has put hundreds of other coffee house owners on the path to success. And, to make sure you get off to the right start, we offer an hour of free business consulting with every book purchase.

During this hour, you can pick the brains of our experienced coffee business consultants. Ask anything you like, and get answers based on our real-world experience in teaching entrepreneurs how to open a coffee shop (we helped open 12 new coffee shops in 2014 alone). Some of the questions we can answer include:

We offer this free, no-obligation consultation for anyone who’s serious about opening a coffee shop because we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams.

To get started, get your copy of 7 Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry today. Or, contact New Coffee Shop Consultant Scott Fullerton, sfullerton@crimsoncup.com. We’d love to talk about your plans and show you how to achieve your dream of opening a coffee shop.

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