The Un-Franchise for Coffee Shops

May 10, 2022 (Published: January 20, 2012)

Remember 7up’s “Uncola” commercials of the 1970s? They positioned 7up as being different and daring, an upstart boldly challenging the cola establishment.

At Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, we consider ourselves to be the un-franchise of the coffee shop world. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Coffee shop franchises charge fees (often enormous fees) for the right to use their name and to purchase their products and equipment. You don’t pay franchise fees to Crimson Cup. Instead, we provide several days of comprehensive, FREE training, help you create a solid coffee shop business plan and provide ongoing consulting to ensure your success.
  2. Coffee shop franchises dictate your name, logo, building layout, employee dress and many other aspects of your business. With Crimson Cup, you enjoy the freedom to put your stamp on what is, after all, your business.
  3. Coffee shop franchises often lock you into a multi-year agreement. Whether or not you’re reaping expected profits, you’re stuck for the duration. Not at Crimson Cup. We keep your business by delivering the highest-quality coffee and coffee house products, marketing materials, training, ideas and support that keep you in business.

So if you’re thinking of opening a coffee shop and are looking at coffee shop franchises, take a look at our 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success process. Our approach is as bold and refreshing as our coffee, and it’s helped establish hundreds of independent coffee shops over the past 30 years.

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