We Took Home Five Medals at Golden Bean 2022

October 30, 2023 (Published: August 22, 2022)
Crimson Cup NARSA Natural won Gold Medal at Golden Bean North American 2022

Crimson Cup NARSA Natural won Gold Medal at Golden Bean North American 2022With five gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2022 Golden Bean North America roasting competition, we’ve once again won a place among the continent’s top coffee roasters.

As a result, Crimson Cup won second place in the Chain Store/Franchise Championship.

“We’re proud that our coffee consistently ranks among the best in North America,” said Sustainability Director Brandon Bir. “Taking part in the Golden Bean and other coffee competitions helps keep us at the top of our coffee game.”

The world’s largest coffee roasting competition took place August 17 through 20 in Columbus, Ohio, drawing over 700 entries from North American roasters.

Coffee roasters came together to network, enhance their personal development, taste the finest North American roasts, and compete for trophies and medals.

On August 16, over 75 coffee roasters mingled at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab for the Golden Bean Welcome Event before the competition kicked off the next day.

Our medals included:

  • A silver medal for Wayfarer Blend coffee in Category 7, Chain Store Espresso.
  • A bronze medal for Wayfarer Blend in Category 8, Chain Store Milk Based.
  • A bronze medal for CRIMSON Espresso Blend in Category 7, Chain Store Espresso.
  • A gold medal for NARSA Natural coffee in Category 9, Chain Store Filter.
  • A bronze medal for Colombia Special Process in Category 9, Chain Store Filter.

The aggregate scores of these coffees contributed to our Championship placement.

To determine winners, Golden Bean judges used a blind tasting format to evaluate entries in 12 different categories and brew methods. They awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in each of the categories and selected overall Golden Bean and Chain Store/Franchise champions.

A licensed Coffee Q Grader, Brandon profiled Crimson Cup’s entries and served as a category judge for the competition.

“Competitions like the Golden Bean showcase the hard work of the smallholder coffee farmers who produce some of our favorite coffees,” he said. “I can’t wait to tell our friends at NARSA about how well their coffee performed!”

NARSA (NEGOCIACIONES AGROINDUSTRIAL AREVALO S. A.) is a coffee co-op headquartered in Peru’s Junin region.

NARSA Founder Don Julio Abel Arevalo Tello and his team focus on helping small coffee and cacao farmers in Peru’s Central Highlands and Amazon regions gain market access throughout Peru and beyond.

Brandon and his team have been working with NARSA since 2014 as a part of our unique Friend2Farmer initiatives, through which we make economic, environmental and social impacts in coffee farming communities.

“Our long partnership helps us source exceptional coffees like NARSA Natural while rewarding the coffee farmer fairly for their hard work,” Brandon said. “For example, Peru isn’t known for fruit-dried coffee, but we’ve discovered two real standouts through these connections – NARSA Natural and Natural Gesha, which was a finalist for a 2021 Good Food Award.”

A blend of Caturra, Typica and Bourbon coffee varieties grown at 1,850 meters above sea level, NARSA Natural was picked and fermented in Alto Sanchirio, Peru.

After picking the ripe cherries, the NARSA crew used stainless steel tanks to run a controlled fermentation for 48 hours. The cherries were then transported and dried on drying beds at NARSA headquarters in La Merced. The drying process took approximately two.

“With tasting notes of Watermelon candy and Papaya, we find tons of deep dark fruit complexity in this cup,” Brandon said. “The Golden Bean judges agreed!”

Crimson Cup’s Wayfarer Blend has won medals in earlier Golden Bean competitions. This blend, whose name names “traveler,” uses a rotating variety of current crop coffees to excel using all brewing methods, including espresso, batch, and single cup.

“This blend should always have some fruit and caramel notes with a medium acidity and medium body,” Brandon said. “As an espresso, Wayfarer Blend should look like maple syrup coming out of the machine and should have notes of tree nuts and chocolate.”

New CRIMSON Espresso Blend combines two rare and exceptional coffees to produce a nuanced cup with tasting notes of lime, cocoa nibs and vanilla pudding.

The blend marries cherry dried Natural Gesha coffee grown by Hector Portocarerro in Oxapampa, Peru, with fully washed Kinini AA craft coffee grown by members of the Kinini AA cooperative in the Rulindo District of Rwanda.

Brandon and our roasting team created the limited-edition blend to share with coffee professionals at SCA Expo 2022 in Boston.

“The goal was to cut through four to eight ounces of milk, preserving a heavy coffee presence without roasting the coffee to a darker, more carbonic profile,” he said.

To experience award-winning Crimson Cup Coffees, visit CRIMSON coffeehouse in the Easton Town Center in Columbus or Crimson Cup Coffee Shops in Columbus, Tallmadge, Upper Arlington an West Chester, Ohio.

Order coffee for home brewing on the CRIMSON and Crimson Cup websites. A 12-ounce bag or box sells for $16 to $20, depending on the coffee.





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