Success Story: Edelweiss Coffee Marks 19 Years of Success

October 17, 2023 (Published: September 30, 2023)
Edelweiss Coffee, 201 Ridge View, Iron Mountain, Michigan

Coffee entrepreneurs Jenni and Tom Wender recently celebrated 19 years of success as owners of Edelweiss Coffee in Iron Mountain, Michigan. This independent coffee shop is renowned for its distinct drive-thru-only setup and coffee that always satisfies.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Edelweiss Coffee’s 19th anniversary and the incredible journey they have had,” said Crimson Cup Founder & President Greg Ubert. “It has been an honor to support Jenni, Tom, and their team every step of the way.”

A Coffee Shop Named for a Family Tradition

Edelweiss Coffee, 201 Ridge View, Iron Mountain, Michigan

The Wenders opened Edelweiss Coffee at 201 Ridge View in August 2004. The couple learned how to start a coffee shop through our 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

They named Edelweiss Coffee after Tom’s grandfather’s dairy farm. Edelweiss, a flower grown on the side of the Alps, has been a tie to their family for generations.

Jenni Wender said that, with Crimson Cup’s guidance, the couple has built their success on doing things the right way for the right reasons.

“It’s a blend of exceptional customer service and serving a top-notch drink. Our customers may pop by for just a moment, but in that time, we strive to give them the best. We’re always bustling, always caffeinated, always ready!”

Tom Wender added, “We focus on providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. We’re the place where quality meets quick service.”

In 2016, Edelweiss Coffee moved from its original location into a larger, new-built structure.

Two Thumbs Up for the 7 Steps to Success Program

Edelweiss Coffee, 201 Ridge View, Iron Mountain Michigan.“I would absolutely refer Crimson Cup to anyone opening a coffee shop,” Jenni said.  “The product and training has met or exceeded any expectations I ever had.”

“The support was unexpected and has been extremely helpful to me over the past 19 years. Whether I need help with equipment or how to prepare a beverage, Crimson Cup has already done it and can help me.”

“The coffee is the best,” she added. “Customers tell us all the time, ours is the best coffee they’ve had, and significantly better than chain store coffee! If they are visitors, they make sure they get our coffee when they’re in town. College students can’t wait to get back to Edelweiss. And our regular customers are the most loyal of all.”

Tom said he counts on Crimson Cup to provide products that will make the best coffee drinks around at a reasonable cost. “They’ve made a lot of changes during the last 19 years, but I just stick with their recommendations, and I have never been disappointed,” he said.

Tom Offers Advice for New Coffee Shop Owners

Thinking about opening your own coffee shop? Tom gave this advice:

“Make the coffee shop your full-time job. Believe in yourself and your business plan.”

“Especially in your first year, consistency is king. Put personal flair on the back burner and prioritize a standard approach to preparing drinks. It ensures every cup is as memorable as the last. Imagine running your coffee shop like a franchise – everything is done a certain way every single time!”

Visit Edelweiss Coffee

The Wenders invite everyone in Dickinson County and the Michigan Upper Peninsula to pick up an exceptional latte, mocha or other beverage at Edelweiss Coffee. The shop at 201 Ridge View in Iron Mountain is open 7 days a week. To learn more, visit the shop’s website and Facebook page.

Edelweiss Coffee, 201 Ridge View, Iron Mountain, Michigan

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