Success Story: Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, Ohio

August 28, 2023 (Published: August 12, 2023)
Front exterior of Kora Brew House & Wine Bar in Bryan, Ohio

Kora Brew House & Wine Bar recently celebrated its fifth year of serving exceptional specialty coffee, wine, spirits and cuisine in Bryan, Ohio. The coffee and wine bar at 120 South Lynn Street offers a unique setting to start or end the day.

Owners Teresa and Kevin Maynard learned how to start a coffee shop through our 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success program. Our team of coffee shop startup consulting experts has played a crucial role in their growth over the last five years.

Meet the Maynards

Front exterior of Kora Brew House & Wine Bar in Bryan, OhioBryan natives Teresa and Kevin share a love for music, travel, and delicious food. They returned to their hometown to create Kora Brew House & Wine Bar.

Located in the former Schuck Jewelers building on Courthouse Square, Kora Brew House features cozy indoor seating, a charming garden, and quaint café tables that offer a stunning view of Williams County’s majestic courthouse.

The 7 Steps Bring Entrepreneurial Visions to Life

Customers celebrate on the patio at Kora Brew House & Wine Bar in Bryan, Ohio“Five years ago, we began with a vision to share our love for premium coffee, world-class wines, regional microbrews, top-notch spirits and delectable foods with our patrons,” Teresa said.

“Guidance from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea empowered us to transform our dream into a successful venture.”

“When we decided to open Kora Brew House, we knew it was more than just serving great coffee. It was about creating an experience, a place for the community.

“The 7 Steps to Success program offered the guidance we needed, teaching us how to consistently deliver that experience while navigating the challenging terrain of the specialty coffee industry. Not being alone in this is so important!”

With the invaluable insights gained from the program, the Maynards have maintained a keen focus on the core of their business – high-quality ingredients and a unique ambiance. This steadfast focus has set Kora Brew House apart in a competitive market.

“Being innovative while being consistent, reasonably priced and reliable – that’s our key to success,” Maynard said. “Crimson Cup has provided us with a consistent product and a tremendous support system, keeping us abreast of trending drinks, managing price increases, and offering invaluable training for our staff.”

“Crimson Cup continues to be a vital support system for us,” Teresa said. “They’re truly a partner in our growth, which shows their commitment to fostering success among coffee entrepreneurs.”

Serving the Best Coffee in Bryan, Ohio

Kora Brew House has gained a reputation for serving the best coffee in town, as many customers prefer their Crimson Cup roasts over those from corporate chain coffee shops.

The shop’s creativity shines through in its spirited concoctions, such as its acclaimed espresso martini, which uses coffee and coffee syrups to surprise and delight patrons.

Thinking about Opening a Coffee Business? Teresa Maynard Shares Some Advice

“If you’re thinking about opening a coffee shop of your own, please talk to Crimson Cup,” Teresa said.

“Read 7 Steps to Success: a Common-sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee by Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. Take to heart all the tools and resources they give you on the front end. The support is amazing, and you truly feel like you are a part of their family.”

“They are there for all questions and in the beginning, you will need that. And with Crimson Cup, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product at all! So why choose anyone else?”

“The best part of owning Kora Brew House is mentoring and teaching others to chase their dreams,” she concluded. If you’re thinking about owning a coffee shop, my advice is to give it your all. Stay involved, especially for the first three to five years. Your vision will thrive when you are there nurturing it.”

Visit Kora Brew House & Wine Bar

Interior of Kora Brew House & Wine Bar in Bryan, OHioKevin and Teresa Maynard invite coffee and wine lovers in Williams County and beyond to visit Kora Brew House & Wine Bar.

“Wake up with an espresso-based drink or premium coffee, handcrafted pastries or croissants,” Teresa said.

“Stay, relax and enjoy our ambiance or take your items for a splendid breakfast on the go. Small plates are also available for brunch, lunch and throughout the day.”

“To end your day, you can wind down with our fantastic selection of wines, craft beer, Scotch, bourbon and whiskey. Our expert staff will help you pair your selection with the perfect accompaniment from our menu, like a gourmet flatbread pizza, a hummus platter or homemade cheesecake.

Kora Brew House & Wine Bar is open seven days a week at 120 South Lynn Street in Bryan, Ohio. For news and the schedule of upcoming events, follow the shop’s Facebook page.

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