Success Story: The Office Coffee & Wine Bar Celebrates 7th Anniversary

March 4, 2024 (Published: March 4, 2024)
Sign outside The Office Coffee and Wine Bar

The Office Coffee & Wine Bar, Southport, North CarolinaSeven years ago, The Office Coffee & Wine Bar opened its doors in Southport, North Carolina, beginning a journey filled with espresso, wine, and community gatherings. Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone alongside owner Rob Warner and his dedicated team. It’s been a remarkable journey of growth, community, and exceptional coffee.

When Rob decided to transform his late mother’s real estate office into a cozy haven for coffee and wine lovers, he brought a unique vision to life.

Combining his sommelier expertise with a passion for quality coffee, The Office has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors. The establishment caters to diverse tastes by offering a menu of espresso drinks, wines, craft beers, and food options.

The Office stands out not only because of the quality of its beverages and food but also because of the sense of community it creates. “Mom’s Room,” which pays tribute to Rob’s mother, is a perfect example of the warmth and personal touch that makes The Office more than just a coffee and wine shop. It’s a place where people cherish memories and create new ones.

“Rob’s experience with our 7 Steps to Success program exemplifies our mission of helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “We are more than just a coffee supplier. We succeed by helping our customers succeed.”

The accomplishments of The Office Coffee & Wine Bar over the past seven years demonstrate the importance of this relationship.

As we toast to seven years of success, we look forward to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and shared moments over cups of coffee and glasses of wine.

Congratulations, Rob and team, on this fantastic milestone. Here’s to celebrating the past seven years and many more to come


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