Success Story: Trek Coffee Company Opens in Bowling Green, KY

May 8, 2024 (Published: May 8, 2024)
Trek Coffee Company, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Attention coffee lovers! We have a heartwarming story to share from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that’s sure to brighten up your day – and perhaps even inspire your journey to opening a coffee shop! Meet Trek Coffee Company, the newest addition to Bowling Green’s coffee scene.

Life’s a Trip, Fuel Up!

Located at 6558 Nashville Road in Bowling Green, Trek Coffee Company is a haven for java aficionados and environmental advocates. With a unique drive-thru setup and the catchy mantra, “Life’s a Trip, Fuel up!,” Trek ensures your daily grind starts on a high note (and a high-quality brew).

Adam Mosley, Owner of Trek Coffee Company in Bowling Green, KentuckyAdam Mosley, the visionary behind Trek, has a unique philosophy: “Life is a grand journey, and we’re all about celebrating it with a strong sense of community, home, and shared experiences.”

After moving from Nashville to Bowling Green, Adam and his wife found that their new community was missing a crucial spot – a quality coffee shop.

This realization, his background in supporting small businesses and non-profits, his love of coffee, and his steadfast commitment to the planet led Adam to embark on a journey to coffee shop ownership.

Learning How to Open a Coffee Shop through the 7 Steps

Trek Coffee Company, Bowling Green, KentuckyIt had been 20 years since Adam strapped on a barista’s apron. So, he signed up for our 7 Steps to Success consulting program for expert help in launching his coffee shop.

Together, we brought his vision of Trek Coffee Company to life, creating a place where every cup of coffee is a step towards a more sustainable world.

Adam’s experience in water filtration helped spark the birth of Trek. “A staggering portion of the world struggles for clean water, and we’re on a mission to change that,” he said. Trek pledges to donate one percent of its revenue to environmental causes like the Uzima Clean Water Mission.

The new coffee entrepreneur noted that Trek has already made waves with its exceptional coffee in its initial months. “The feedback’s been incredible. Our customers often say it’s the best coffee they’ve ever tasted, reminding them of the rich coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest.”

Working with Crimson Cup as a Coffee Partner

Adam found it easy to choose Crimson Cup as his coffee partner. “Crimson Cup provides the best of both worlds,” he said. “It combines the experience and ‘done for you’ work you get with a franchise with the autonomy, creativity and affordability of an independent shop.”

He also praised the 7 Steps to Success consulting team for their support, knowledge, and accessibility. “When something breaks at 6:00 a.m., I know they’ll be there to help troubleshoot.”

Adam’s advice to aspiring coffee shop owners? “Do it right, do it well, and don’t cut corners. Your customers will notice.” He attributes a significant part of Trek’s success to support from Crimson Cup and the heartwarming interactions with customers, who quickly turn into friends.

Visit Trek Coffee Company!

Barista welcomes guests to Trek Coffee Co. in Bowling Green, KentuckyAdam invites everyone to join Trek Coffee Company in its mission to make a difference, one cup at a time. “No matter where your journey takes you, we hope to make it a little better!”

Here’s to many more journeys, cups and a future where every sip makes a difference. Swing by Trek Coffee Company next time you’re in Bowling Green, and let’s brew a better world together!

Adam’s shop is open 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday at Grow Blooms & Gardens, 6558 Nashville Road.

To learn more, visit the Trek Coffee website and its social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram,



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