Meet Our 7 Steps Coffee Shop Startup Consulting Team

photo inside coffee shop start-up

Our coffee shop startup consulting team supports hundreds of successful coffee shops and other coffee businesses in 30+ states, Guam and Bangladesh.

Through Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success program, they show entrepreneurs with little to no coffee experience how to open a coffee shop.

Based on Founder and President Greg Ubert’s book, Seven Steps to Success: a Commonsense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee, the 7 Steps program offers everything an aspiring coffee shop owner needs to establish a thriving business.

In fact, many of our customers say that buying the book is the best investment they’ve made in their coffee businesses.

The 7 Steps team has helped open independent coffee shops, corporate coffee kiosks, university coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and more.

These coffee shop startup consultants bring decades of coffee experience as coffee shop owners, managers and business advisors.

And, with years of success advising our growing group of Crimson Cup Coffee Houses and Crimson retail flagship store, our 7 Steps team shares proven, up-to-date operating methods with our coffee shop customers.

Sales Leader: Scott Fullerton

Scott Fullerton

Scott is the first contact for potential coffee shop owners. He will help you discover if owning a coffee house is right for you. If you decide to go for your dream, Scott will put you on the path to success.

Along the way, he’ll offer guidance on writing a coffee shop business plan, finding the best location, options for financing your coffee shop and much more. Scott has helped start over 100 coffee businesses since joining Crimson Cup in 2007. Read Scott’s Full Bio.




Project Manager and Trainer: Steve Bayless

7 Steps Trainer Steve Bayless conducts training at Dawdy Haus Coffee, Springs, Pennsylvania
Steve Bayless (right) conducts training at an independent coffee shop.

Steve Bayless is a relentless road warrior, visiting independent coffee shops all over the country to train owners, managers and baristas. For at least 26 weeks each year, he gives hands-on training at independent coffee shops, college and university coffee shops and other coffee businesses.

A Proven Coffee Shop Manager

Steve joined Crimson Cup in 2008 as general manager of the new Crimson Cup Coffee House in Clintonville. After graduating with a history degree from Ohio State University, he had worked at local restaurants, gaining experience as a line cook and manager.

Over his first three years with Crimson Cup, Steve followed our Seven Steps to Success to build the Clintonville location into a profit-making machine. Soon, it became a model for other independent coffee shops. Read Steve’s Full Bio.


Customer Growth Rep: Heather Syx

Heather SyxHeather Syx learned about Crimson Cup by opening her own coffee shop. Born and raised in Stow, Ohio, Heather had dreamed about bringing a coffee shop to her hometown since she was a teenager.

After a 20-year corporate career in business, marketing and public relations, she brought Corner Cup Coffeehouse to Stow in 2015. Her goal in building a small business was to offer a place where locals could connect and learn, with and about each other and their community. 

“Looking back on when I was opening my first shop, I knew nothing about the coffee business!” she recalls. Read Heather’s Full Bio.



Put Our Real-world Experience to Work for You!

Our coffee shop startup consulting services cover everything you need to open and run a profitable coffee business, including:

  • Writing a successful coffee shop business plan
  • Choosing a profitable location
  • Buying the best equipment
  • A full week of hands-on barista training on your equipment at your coffee business
  • Coffeehouse manager and customer service training
  • On-site support during your opening week and Grand Opening celebration
  • Ongoing consulting services to ensure your long term success

As a one-stop shop for all things coffee, we also provide:

  • Award-winning specialty coffee and tea
  • Regular menu updates and drink recipes
  • High quality coffee bar equipment
  • Industry leading cups, sleeves and other coffee shop supplies
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • And much more

More effective than a short-term coffee school, our coffee experts are with you from the time you decide to open a coffee house until you open your doors –  and beyond.

Crimson Cup customers know that our team is just a call away whenever you need help. We’re with you as long as you’re with us!

Ready to take the next step toward opening your coffee shop?

Call 1-888-800-9224 to chat with one of coffee consultants or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Ready to get started? you can buy the 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success book now (backed by our risk free guarantee).