Hands-On Coffee Shop Training

Invest in the success of your coffee business with Crimson Cup’s hands-on coffee shop training! We will turn you and your team into baristas, teaching you everything you need to open and run your coffee shop.

Since 1991, Crimson Cup has guided hundreds of coffee shop owners in 30 states to long-term success. We encourage you to open your coffee shop – or breathe new life into your existing café – by taking advantage of our experience.

You’ll learn the art and science of great-tasting specialty coffee from seasoned coffee professionals. They know the ins and outs of the specialty coffee industry and how to transfer their knowledge and skills to you and your baristas.

You and your baristas will learn essential coffee skills, including:

  • Setting your grinder
  • Brewing coffee
  • Making espresso
  • Steaming milk
  • Creating latte art
  • Creating cold brew
  • And much more

Our Seven Steps to Coffee Startup Success program combines barista training with a primer on coffee shop management. This proven training program provides all the tools you need to open and run a successful coffee shop business.

Coffee Shop Training that Comes to You

latte art in coffee shop trainingSince consistent drink preparation is vital to your success, you and your baristas must learn to create the drinks you will serve your customers.

That’s why a 7 Steps trainer from our coffee shop startup consulting team will travel to your shop to train you and your staff in your space using your equipment, coffee, milk, and coffee-shop supplies.

Your trainer will also cover the ins and outs of business operations, customer service, marketing, and more.

Then, your trainer will stay with you to ensure everything goes well on opening day.

Even after you complete your initial training, you’ll keep working with your personal 7 Steps Growth Rep. This experienced coffee pro will help you grow your business and resolve any challenges.

A few months after your shop opens, your Growth Rep will travel to your shop to help you manage a successful Grand Opening event. This event launches your fully operational coffee shop to your community.

Your Growth Rep stays on your team, helping you plan promotions, celebrate anniversaries, and keep growing your business.

Less Costly and More Effective than a Coffee School or Online Barista Training

Barista in coffee shop trainingSince our firsthand training comes to you, it costs less than a shorter course at a coffee school, which won’t use the same espresso machine, grinders, blenders, or drink ingredients.

And there’s nothing theoretical about Crimson Cup training. You learn to make the same drinks you’ll serve your customers using coffee, milk, syrups, and other ingredients from your storeroom.

Learning in a classroom space won’t help you perfect an efficient routine (we call it a dance) behind your counter to serve drinks as quickly as possible.

You’ll also enjoy individual attention from an expert trainer who has managed successful coffee shops. And your trainer stays with you through opening day.

Plus, most coffee and barista schools offer classes with multiple students. In contrast, our customers have found it much easier to master drink preparation and coffee shop management under an experienced trainer working only with them and their team.

Ongoing Training for You and Your Baristas

Espresso machine used in barista trainingOver the years, we’ve found that ongoing training is critical to long-term success. For example, re-visiting training courses is perfect for training new baristas or helping team members refresh their skills or training.

You and your team can take advantage of ongoing training at your store or our Crimson Cup Innovation Lab In Columbus, Ohio.

This SCA-certified Premier Training Campus provides ongoing training to help you stay updated on the latest coffee and tea developments.

For example, our two-day Barista Block training covers general coffee knowledge, brew bar techniques, customer service, espresso, and milk techniques.

Coffee Shop Training Tailored to Your Needs

Because your independent coffee shop is unique, we tailor training to meet your needs.

To talk about how our hands-on training can boost your success, call us at 1-888-800-9224 or fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.