Hands-On Training

Everything happens at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab. This is our space that we transformed to reflect all things evolving in the realm of coffee and tea.

Invest in the success of your coffee business with Crimson Cup’s hands-on training. Learn the art and science of great-tasting specialty coffee from our seasoned coffee professionals. They know the ins and outs of the specialty coffee industry and how to transfer their knowledge and skills to you and your staff.

Since 1991, Crimson Cup has helped hundreds of business owners in 35 states.  We encourage you to start your new venture, or breathe new life into your existing coffee shop by taking advantage of our tips and experience following current industry trends.

A full schedule of training is included in our Seven Steps to Success program. Following this schedule will give you all the tools you need to open a coffee shop.

Over the years, we’ve found that ongoing training is key to long-term success. Re-visiting these training courses is perfect for those who need to refresh their skills or training new baristas to maintain high quality service and consistency.

Because every business is different, we tailor training to meet your specific needs.  To talk about how the right training can boost the success of your business, give us a call at 1-888-800-9224 or fill out this form.

Seven Steps Program
Coffee 101
Espresso 101
Milk 101
Espresso 201
Brew Bar 101
Loose Leaf 101
Comparative Cupping 101
Marketing 101
New Barista 101 (Full Day)