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Step Up Your Game with Our Ingredients & Products

If you’re running an independent coffee shop, your customers expect terrific coffee and specialty coffee drinks made with quality ingredients and products. Serve anything less, and they won’t be your customers for long! So, when you’re choosing a coffeehouse consultant, make sure they are experts in every area of the business – including product knowledge. With Crimson Cup, you get a turnkey solution for coffee shop success. That’s why over 300 coffee shops across the U.S. rely on our attentive roasting, quality products and coffee business consulting to achieve long-term success.

With more than 30 years of coffee experience, award-winning coffee, and a lineup of quality coffee shop products, we can help ensure that every drink served in your cafe exceeds customer expectations. From custom-formulated syrups and sauces to drink base powers and fruit smoothie mixes, our products were invented to help you create the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or specialty coffee beverage – every time. Just as important, our quality products are designed to boost your bottom line – promoting your profitability and long-term success.


From rich aroma to nuanced flavor notes, award-winning Crimson Cup coffee delivers a memorable sensory experience designed to entice customers and boost profits.


Sustainably sourced loose-leaf tea sachets and iced teas – available in black, white, green, and herbal varieties.


Wow your customers with our tasty, easy-to-use drink bases. Combine with our premium sauces and syrups to expand your menu of delectable frozen drinks.


A perfect balance of sweet & tart, made with real fruit puree. Gluten free, dairy free, and no artificial colors or flavors.


Infused with caffeine and essential B vitamins, this remarkable concentrate effortlessly combines with our top-notch syrups to deliver an unlimited variety of invigorating energy drink flavors.


Our rich, creamy sauces and syrups star in fan-favorite mochas and blended drinks. Add a drizzle of sauce over whipped cream for the perfect finishing touch!


Cups and lids for both hot and cold drinks. Coffee filters for all brewing methods. Small wares and equipment cleaning supplies.

High-quality ingredients and products are a core part of the seven steps to success!