I am a college or university

Crimson Cup supplies everything from ongoing training to equipment and maintenance.

College coffee shops may be the hardest of all coffee houses to manage, stock, train and maintain. They must satisfy a diverse customer base that runs the gamut from local students to foreign students and from professors to administrators. What’s more, they are manned by a transient staff, subject to intense rush periods and populated by large, demanding crowds.

Let us show you how to run your college coffee shop with less stress, less struggle and much, much more success.

Established 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea roasts and packages quality, great-tasting coffee and provides college coffee house consulting from our Worldwide HQ in Columbus, Ohio. Our city is home to six universities—plus dozens of smaller colleges and trade schools. Simply put, we understand your challenges and can make a real difference in your operations. Here’s how:

  • Your college coffee shops are analyzed for efficiency and profitability. You need less labor while profiting more.
  • Your staff receives both initial comprehensive multi-day training and ongoing sessions later.
  • You always produce a really great cup of coffee because Crimson Cup has the best coffee shop supplies and time-tested coffee shop equipment. Your students, professors and administrators are served absolutely amazing products. (They love it!)
  • Your customers are happier because the product is great. They come back more often.
  • Your profits go up even further while your stress and hands-on management goes down.

Give your students a new reason to buy coffee: connect them with the coffee grower. Crimson Cup’s Friend2Farmer program lets students learn about the actual grower of the coffee they hold in their hands. What’s more, we’ll work with your university to create dynamic partnerships that may include travels to origin—so a student group can meet that grower in person—and learn a little bit more about the world.

Contact our College & University Sales Leader to learn how we can support your business. Then, we’ll chat and see where it leads. That’s it. No high pressure sales. No uncomfortable confrontations.