The 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success

7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup guide

By Founder and President Greg Ubert

Based on the Book that’s Started over 400 Successful Coffee Shops

Do you want to learn how to open a coffee shop? Or, take your existing coffee shop to the next level?

With our proven 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success program, running a profitable independent coffee shop is easier than you think. To get started, follow the steps in the book that started it all!

Backed by over 30 years of coffee industry experience, 7 Steps to Success: a Common-sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee offers insider insight into everything you need to open and run a thriving coffee shop, including formulas for accurately estimating coffee shop startup costs.

The Proven Program For Coffee Shop Success

The 7 Steps will help you unlock the secrets to becoming a successful coffee shop owner – even if you have little or no coffee knowledge! Over 300 business owners in 30 states have followed this road map to open coffee shops that create a comfortable living! Coffee pros with decades of experience will guide you along a proven roadmap as you launch, operate, and expand your independent coffee shop.

When you buy the book, you also get:

You will learn proven strategies for running a profitable coffee shop, including how to:

The Four Phases of Coffee Shop Ownership

Our experienced coffee shop consultants will guide you through four phases of ownership including tools to help you succeed. Even if you have zero coffee shop experience, this proven process can help you create a thriving coffee business. At every step – from dreaming about your coffee shop to opening day, your first anniversary, and beyond – we’re here to ensure that your journey leads to success in both business and life.

PHASE 1: Decide Whether Coffee Shop Ownership Is Right for You

During this exploratory phase, you’ll learn about the coffee shop industry and what it takes to run a successful coffee business. Our consultants will help you:

By the end of Phase I, you will decide if you’re ready to become a coffee shop owner. If the answer is yes, our consultants will guide you through the design/build phase.

PHASE 2: Coffee Shop Design and Build

Now that you have your location, business plan and other essentials, the fun begins! We’ll help you craft a unique coffee shop that attracts new customers and keeps them coming back. Our 7 Steps team will help you decide what to build, what equipment to buy, and where to put everything so that you can prepare drinks as efficiently as humanly possible. Our design and build services include:

By the end of Phase 2, your physical location will be stocked and ready for you to learn how to open and run your coffee shop.

PHASE 3: Preparing to Open Your Coffee Shop

Over the following weeks, our consultants will answer all your questions about day-to-day coffee shop operations. You’ll learn how to:

Phase 3 concludes with four to five days of hands-on, in-depth training for you and your staff at your coffee shop. A 7 Steps trainer will travel to your store to help you:

Your trainer will share daily operational checklists, a comprehensive training manual, and helpful shortcuts to ensure consistency. On the final day, your trainer will stay on-site to supervise the soft opening of your coffee shop! After your soft opening, you’ll schedule a Grand Opening event to introduce your coffee shop to your community. Your 7 Steps Growth Rep will work with you to create an event marketing plan and develop promotional materials including banners, business cards, coupons, menu flyers, and more. As your Grand Opening approaches, our Operations Specialist will join you for three days of onsite support to ensure a successful event. You’ll also receive a post-event assessment to help you keep improving.

PHASE 4: Growing Your Coffee Shop’s Business

We’re here for you! As you embark on your coffee business journey, you’ll find our team by your side, offering our honest guidance and plenty of moral support. After your shop opens, your 7 Steps team will keep working with you to grow your business. We’re passionate about helping you reach your goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a business owner. Our ongoing consulting and support services include:

We’ve been through this with hundreds of other coffee shop owners. We understand the opportunities and challenges you’ll encounter so let’s do this together!

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Who Can Use the 7 Steps?

Whatever your stage on the coffee shop ownership journey, the 7 Steps to Success are for you! Start today if you are:

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With over 30 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is a one-stop shop for independent coffee shop success.

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Because we’re so passionate about helping coffee shop owners achieve their dreams, the book comes with a risk-free guarantee. Read it and take your first step toward owning a profitable coffee shop. If you decide it’s not for you, return the book for a full refund. The samples of our award-winning coffee and tea are yours to keep and enjoy.

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