Decaffeinated Coffee

In their wild state, coffee beans are loaded with caffeine. But some beans choose the gentle brooks and soft Swiss Water baths of our coffee day spas. These are our decafs. As yummy and deep and rich as any high test original. But so much more relaxed. Bliss out with Crimson Cup Decaf. In light, medium or dark roasts.

  • Decaf Armando’s Blend

    Enjoy our most popular decaffeinated blend. Full of delicious flavor just like the high test original Armando’s Blend. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone.  
  • FTO Tired Goat Blend, SWP Decaf

    2018 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER. Comprised of Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia, this blend offers a clean and balanced cup. Great for a drip brewer or pour-over. Purchase Now