Direct Trade: Friend2Farmer

It takes a lot of hands to place the world’s finest coffee in your hands. Our Friend2Farmer coffees are hand-nutured and harvested thousands of miles away by small-plot coffee farmers. Hand-selected for exceptional quality. And then hand-roasted in Columbus, Ohio to preserve the integrity of the bean’s origin flavors.

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  • Friend2Farmer: Dark Blend

    This balanced blend was crafted to offer a sustainable relationship for two of our coffee partners. Enjoy notes of Chocolate with Hints of Spice. Purchase Now
  • Friend2Farmer: Olopa, Guatemala

    In the Spring of 2015 Crimson Cup paid a visit to the village of Olopa. Impressed with the quality of coffee, the quality of the people and their story of unification, we established a long-term relationship with the co-op. Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Toast Purchase Now  
  • Friend2Farmer: Siguatepeque

    This coffee represents the work of over 40 growers who have committed to biodiversity conservation and while achieving economic sustainability for these communities. Tasting Notes: Floral, Honey, Baker’s Chocolate Purchase Now
  • GOOD FOOD WINNER – Friend2Farmer: Kossa Kebena

    2017 GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNER. 2018 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER. This Friend2Farmer Direct Trade coffee is located in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District, in the highlands of the Kebena forest. Purchasing coffee from this co-op will allow long- term economic sustainability and protection of the endangered Kebena Forest. Purchase Now
  • Natural Limani, San Ramon , Peru

    Crimson Cup has been trading directly with growers in Peru for many years. The shared goal of these projects has always been to encourage and aid in the production of coffee that is of higher quality enabling the grower to receive a better price.