Craft Coffee

Since 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has traveled the globe searching for the finest specialty-grade Arabica coffees for hundreds of independent coffee houses in 28 states. We roast the carefully selected coffee beans daily by hand in small batches to bring out their unique flavor profiles. And we cup coffees every day to hand-select the very best single-origin coffees and coffee blends for you. The coffees below represent our latest and greatest finds. Most come from small coffee farms in remote, high-altitude growing regions all over the world including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Indonesia. All of our coffee beans are:

  • 2016 Roast Magazine ROASTER of the YEAR
  • Hand roasted by Master Roaster Dave Rochus
  • Certified Kosher thru Ohio-K Kosher Supervision Services
  • Cupped for optimum flavor by master cuppers Brandon Bir and Dave Eldridge
  • Packaged by hand in air tight bags to protect the flavor and freshness of the beans
  • Shipped fresh to you using USPS
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 in the Continuous United States
  • Looking for wholesale coffee beans or coffee shop supplies? Please contact us.
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  • Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

    – OUT OF STOCK – This Coop processes with an eco-pulper, full-immersion soak, and raised-bed drying. It’s an art and a science over there, resulting in a super complex, sweet and juicy cup. . Tasting Notes: Earl Grey, Black Tea, Red Apple  
  • Ethiopia Burka Gudina

     – OUT OF STOCK – This Organic Ethiopian Limmu comes from the Burka Gudina Estate. Ibrahim Hussein is the third generation owner of the Burka Gudina Estate. Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Blackberry, Apple  
  • FTO Tired Goat Blend, SWP Decaf

    2018 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER. Comprised of Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia, this blend offers a clean and balanced cup. Great for a drip brewer or pour-over. Purchase Now  
  • GOOD FOOD WINNER – Friend2Farmer: Kossa Kebena

    2017 GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNER. 2018 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER. This Friend2Farmer Direct Trade coffee is located in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District, in the highlands of the Kebena forest. Purchasing coffee from this co-op will allow long- term economic sustainability and protection of the endangered Kebena Forest. Purchase Now
  • Wayfarer Blend – America’s Best Espresso

    2018 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER. 92 COFFEE REVIEW. Why Wayfarer? It means traveler. This blend will a select blend of current crop coffees exclusive to Crimson Cup. Purchase Now