All of our organic coffees are Fair Trade Certified, so the farmers get a good price. The workers get a safe job site. The earth gets to revolve the way nature intended (counterclockwise, btw). And you get to save the world—ta da!—one cup at a time. Fair Trade Organic. A cup in the right direction.

  • Organic Armando’s Blend

    Our #1 organic blend is a perfect medium roast with beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone, Armando’s Blend was created especially to taste great as an espresso, a blended drink and a drip . . . all of them delicious, delicious, delicious.
  • Single-Serve: Jungle Love

    DARK ROAST Enjoy this  fair -trade organic, rich dark blend in your home brewing system. 12 per pack.