Signature Blends

What’s in a name? Everything, if that name is “Signature Blends.” Here at Crimson Cup, we insist on a complexity of tastes and rich undertones that can’t be duplicated. Get this: our first original, Armando’s Blend, took nearly a year to get just right. We tasted a lot of coffee that year. Ah, good times. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL COFFEE ORDERS over $20 IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.

  • 3rd Shift

    This classic dark roasted coffee has a medium body and low acidity. Perfect pick-me-up all through the day.
  • Armando’s Blend

    MEDIUM ROAST Our #1 blend is a perfect medium roast with beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone. Created especially to taste great as an espresso, a blended drink and a drip.
  • Celtic Grogg

    Sweet and creamy caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut flavors.
  • Cold Brew – Home Brewing Kit!

    Make your favorite Cold Brew at home! This kit has everything you need to home brew including; French Press, Armando’s Blend Cold Brew, New Orleans Cold Brew and a Signature Mug! And – check out the free tutorial on home brewing with your purchase.
  • Dark Reign ®

    Dark roasted to a smoky, rich flavor, it has a wonderful aroma and a full, heavy L.Y.F.E.-giving body.
  • Decaf Armando’s Blend

    Enjoy our most popular decaffeinated blend. Full of delicious flavor just like the high test original Armando’s Blend. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone.  
  • Flavored Coffee Trio & Tumbler

    Flavors of caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla are in this selection of coffees.  Enjoy them all in our stainless steel mug, and – receive FREE SHIPPING! Items Included: Celtic Grogg, Cookie Doodle, Vanilla Hazelnut & Stainless Steel Mug
  • Friend2Farmer Coffee Bundle

    We travel to build relationships with the farmers and select the coffees that best represent their farm. These coffees are roasted in small batches to bring out their unique flavor profiles.
  • Hazelnut

    Sweet, nutty taste profile with a warm inviting finish.
  • Jungle Love

    Dark roasted organics from Central America and Indonesia blended for well-balanced flavor, a full body and a long finish.
  • Morning Commute

    A blend of coffees from Central and South America. Its light roast is great any time of day, offering a medium body and surprisingly clean finish.
  • Signature Favorites Coffee 3-Pack & Tumbler

    Our Signature Favorites were selected for their complex, yet smooth flavors.  Enjoy them all in our stainless steel mug, and – get them shipped to you for FREE! Included: Armando’s Blend – Crimson Sunrise – Dark Reign – Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  • Single-Serve: Armando’s Blend

    MEDIUM ROAST Our Signature favorite available to enjoy in your home brewing system. 12 per pack.