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Beer for Breakfast?

February 28, 2015 (Published: February 28, 2015)

We’re excited to announce our latest local collaboration! We’ve partnered with Columbus microbrewery Zaftig to create BamBaLam Breakfast Stout, the ultimate coffee- and beer-lovers’ beverage. After the success of our Dry Hopped Nitro cold brew coffee, we started looking at other ways to incorporate ideas from the craft brew world. We met Zaftig at the […]

Cherry Almond Mocha Warms the Heart

February 23, 2015 (Published: February 23, 2015)

We’ve introduced a new coffee drink to warm up during February’s frigid days and below-zero nights. Available for a limited time, Cherry Almond Mocha combines a shot of our signature Armando’s blend espresso with steamed milk, chocolate sauce and almond and cherry syrups. Served piping hot, this decadent drink delights the taste buds and warms […]

Introducing Our New Coffee Roasting & Distribution Facility!

January 30, 2015 (Published: January 30, 2015)

We’re excited to announce the opening of our new $1.1 million roasting facility and distribution center at 1925 Alum Creek Drive in Columbus. This expansion was made possible by the growth of our customers and partners, including the 12 new coffee houses that opened in 2014. With more than double the space of our previous […]

Celebrating Veterans Day with Charlie Foxtrot Coffee and The Fallen 15

July 29, 2020 (Published: November 11, 2014)

Happy Veterans Day! At Crimson Cup, we’re proud to honor those who serve and sacrifice for our country. Earlier this year, we joined forces with Charlie Foxtrot Founders Alvin E. Burzynski and Rick Isbell to launch Charlie Foxtrot Coffee. As disabled veterans themselves, the Charlie Foxtrot co-founders created America’s first patriotic coffee brand as a […]

How Coffee Fueled the Civil War

October 4, 2022 (Published: August 5, 2014)

We found Jon Grinspan’s  New York Times story about the role of coffee in the Civil War absolutely fascinating. Who knew that William McKinley’s heroic coffee run would help fuel the Union army during the bloodiest single day of combat in American military history – and help propel him to the presidency decades later? As […]

Trekking to Honduras with Ohio State Students

July 30, 2014 (Published: July 14, 2014)

At Crimson Cup, we’re passionate about creating stronger communities – both locally and internationally. One of the ways we do so is by sponsoring cross-cultural exchanges between coffee lovers and coffee growers. Recently, Greg Ubert and Dave Eldridge guided a group of Ohio State University students on a service learning trip to the village of […]

New Charlie Foxtrot Coffee to Benefit Veterans and their Families

July 29, 2020 (Published: June 13, 2014)

Giving back to U.S. troops and veterans is an ongoing effort for Crimson Cup. That’s why we’re proud to join forces with Charlie Foxtrot Founders Alvin E. Burzynski and Rick Isbell to launch Charlie Foxtrot Coffee. This patriotic new coffee brand honors the service of U.S. military service personnel, veterans and their families. Sales also […]