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  • Brie’s Brews Coffee House Eyes Expansion

    Thursday, May 29, 2014
    From left: Jef, Brishan, and their barista Emily Congratulations to Brishan “Brie” and Jef Powell, who celebrated the first anniversary of Brie’s Brews Coffee House in London, Kentucky in February. In just over a year, this vibrant independent coffee house has become a fixture in the local community. Brie, Jef […] Read More
  • Choosing Equipment for Opening a Coffee Shop

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014  
    (Updated: January 24, 2019)
    Opening a coffee shop business can be a fun and exciting venture. Assuming that you have already taken care of the preliminary steps, including finding a great location and lining up funding, the next major step is purchasing coffee shop equipment. Coffee-shop equipment offers the highest return on any investment […] Read More
  • So You’ve Opened a Coffee Shop. Now What?

    Friday, January 31, 2014  
    (Updated: April 25, 2019)
    Greg Ubert, founder and president, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea If you’ve recently opened a coffee shop, you might be wondering what to do next. With the hustle and bustle of the opening behind you, it’s easy to be lulled into a period of relative inactivity. As Greg observes in […] Read More
  • Woo Coffee Shop Customers with Wow! Service

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013  
    (Updated: April 25, 2019)
    Looking for a great way to help your coffee shop stand out from the other places in town that serve specialty coffee? Then look to your customer service. Customer service, more than any other factor, is the key to happy customers. Happy customers become loyal customers, and they make word-of-mouth […] Read More