The Innovation Lab

The Crimson Cup Innovation Lab is a space for both consumers and coffee professionals to learn about what goes into a great cup of coffee – from origins of each coffee, to roast level, grind, brewing techniques, drink preparation and more. Located in Columbus, Ohio near downtown Columbus and Bexley, this space features areas for coffee evaluation, roasting, training and gathering.

Classroom – a multi-purpose room used for instruction and training. The classroom is located next to the application lab to allow students to learn theory and apply what they have learned in the lab. This space is also available for group meetings (Max Capacity 35)
Application Lab – used for training baristas on hot, iced, and frozen drinks, Modbar training along with friendly barista competitions. This space has three stations equipped with two Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Espresso machines, a Black Eagle Espresso machine and doserless and manual grinders.
Cupping Lab – used for analyzing coffee samples, ensuring coffee quality, establishing roast profiles, cupping classes, scientific analysis of green and brewed coffees. This space is the central point for coffee and tea product innovations.
Roasting Lab – used for teaching roasting courses, analysis of coffee roasts, roast profile analysis and roasting experimentation. This room is equipped with a 1 lb. U.S. Roaster Corp., a two barrel Probat sample roaster and a Probat L12 known as Hansel.